The Moonlight Stroll

Guided only by the light of the moon and the natural instinct of your horse, our Moonlight Stroll ride is a ride you’ll never forget!


Minimum of 2 riders


Groups of up to 7 riders


Based on the full moon


Per rider

Unlike anything you will ever experience! If you think you have done everything there is to do, think again!

Experience a ride where your senses are turned upside down and inside out! Guided only by the light of the moon and the natural instinct of your horse, you will be mesmerized by its reflection on the sea, the cool, crisp, perfect air around you and the flash of your sandy path ahead, so white it glows like snow! Keep your eye on the moon as it peeks in and out of the clouds and illuminates your ride to peaceful nirvana!

  • Our Moonlight Strolls are dependent on the Full Moon schedule
  • Rides are up to 2 days before or 2 days after the Full Moon to ensure maximum lighting – See our Schedule for available dates
  • At least 2 days’ advance booking notice
  • Minimum of 2 riders required
(per rider)


(resident rates available)

Meet new people under the stars, by the light of the moon!

The staff is incredibly friendly, Barker's beach is a beautiful setting, and the unique experience of horseback riding in the full moon on an island is something I will never forget. It was so peaceful. I had to put my camera away because doing night shots from the back of a moving animal wasn't providing the stillness the shots required, and it actually made me sit back and just focus on enjoying myself. Loved every minute of it.

KAITMadison, WI