Thank you for choosing Spirit of the West!

Whether you are staying on island, arriving on a cruise ship or a local resident living in Cayman we have the tour for you!

Every tour is tailored with each rider in mind. Our groups are small to ensure that maximum attention is given to each person.

You will not experience “cattle herding” on our rides – we are interested in the quality of the ride over the quantity of the riders. We therefore have a maximum rider policy in place: Up to 10¬†riders on any given ride, always.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish we have put together MAPS for meeting us at the cruise terminals, driving to the riding location and general island information.

We are also partnering with local companies to offer you the most exciting services and opportunities on the island!

We hope you enjoy your stay – whether it’s just for a few hours or more than a week!

Information Package
Click here
to read our Information Package which will help you prepare for your tour

Cruise Ship Passengers
Cruise ship passengers can click here to see where we will be picking you up when you get off the ship


We suggest that you wear cool, comfortable clothing. Bear in mind that you will be in the sun so be sure to wear clothes that will cover places that you don’t want burned!

  • You are free to wear shorts, if you prefer
  • Flip flops and slip-on shoes are fine. Sea shoes are good for the swim rides
  • Hats are recommended
  • Sunblock is a great idea
  • A fanny pack is ideal for storing your personal belongings while you ride
  • For swim rides, wear your swimsuit under your regular riding attire. You will have the opportunity to slip off the outer wear before the swim portion

There are no bathrooms or changing rooms, so bear that in mind when choosing your attire.